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Atlanta selected as one of eight U.S. cities for mixed-use, uh, cricket stadium

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No, seriously

An example of a rollicking cricket stadium overseas.
An example of a rollicking cricket stadium overseas.
International Cricket Council

Real estate scouts have descended upon Atlanta in a hunt for the perfect place to build—ambitiously—a mixed-use hub and cricket stadium within three years.

The recently established U.S. Cricket League has selected Atlanta as one of eight charter cities in states with established cricket followings (and generally large populations).

Other stadium and “lifestyle” centers will spring up in New York, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., Florida, Texas, Illinois, and California, according to officials with Global Sports Ventures.

Officials say the stadiums alone will cost between $70 and $125 million and will include hotels, restaurants, retail, and even residential and office components.

In each city, the sporty mixed-use projects will be individually designed to “create an exciting and interactive lifestyle center while generating significant economic impact,” per a press release.

We’ve asked for renderings—and even the vaguest indication of where this all could be built—and will post updates if they come. Targeted sites in all eight cities are expected to be unveiled shortly, the release states.

Global Sports Ventures has teamed with JLL Sports & Entertainment Group for advice on site selection and negotiations. That could be really significant.

Locally, JLL provided the Atlanta Braves “the entire spectrum of real estate and advisory services” in the development of SunTrust Park and the adjacent, mixed-use The Battery, officials said.

After the U.S. Cricket League launches in Atlanta and seven sister cities in 2020, league honchos expect to add up to six additional markets.

“We know our plans are ambitious, and GSV is committed to launching a professional cricket league in the U.S. by 2020,” said Jay Pandya, Global Sport Ventures chairman. “We are quite impressed with the job [JLL] did with the Atlanta Braves at SunTrust Park and The Battery, and other similar stadium-centric assignments across the country.”

So, Atlanta ... any advice on where they should put all this?