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In Midtown Atlanta, touring the next-level amenities of latest Modera tower

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Move-ins have commenced at Eighth Street luxury project where onsite perks are pretty much ridiculous

Modera Midtown on 8th Street is still under construction but is aiming to impress.
Modera Midtown on 8th Street is still under construction but is aiming to impress.
Photos: Jonathan Phillips, Curbed Atlanta

When the 29-story Modera Midtown tower was announced two years ago, its development team boldly promised to take Atlanta amenities to a new level.

As the rooftop dog park, sky-high jogging track, and dual pools come together, it’s clear they just might be making good on that claim.

With a whopping 435 new rentals (many still unfinished), developer Mill Creek recently launched leasing efforts, dangling these incentives, among others: outdoor movie screens, multifaceted skyline views, a two-story gym, an outdoor gym, foosball, and a swank-tastic Uber lounge for residents awaiting a ride.

As this rainy-day photo essay from earlier this month shows, the Modera Midtown amenities are still very much a work-in-progress, but this gives an indication what views will be like, and what discerning renters can expect from the interiors where Eighth Street meets The Connector.

Not surprisingly, leasing a flat here doesn’t exactly come cheap by Atlanta standards. One-bedroom apartments start at $1,700 monthly, and the two-bedrooms climb to $2,700.

Have a look around:

As seen here, part of the rooftop level for Modera Midtown will become one of Atlanta's best dog parks, developers say. Certainly one of the most scenic dog parks in the city.
Photos: Jonathan Phillips, Curbed Atlanta
The open space toward the left center will become a running track that circles the seventh floor of Modera Midtown. The tower’s developer, Mill Creek, is on a Modera building spree, with five projects under that name either completed or underway across the metro.
A two-story workout room that overlooks the outdoor pool and movie area.
The second-story room on the right will become a yoga studio while the first story will be more gym space opening up to an outdoor fitness area as well on the far left. No excuses for slouching ‘round here.
With the under-construction NCR headquarters as a backdrop, part of the outdoor area on the seventh floor amenities level of Modera Midtown is shown. The wall to the left will hold large televisions on each side; the wall to the right will hold a movie screen; and the low wall that cuts across the center will be a long, continuous fireplace.
The seventh-floor club room will feature a massive chandelier, seating, and access to the outdoor patio.
Behind the same wall will be an area for more televisions and games such as billiards and foosball.
This area on the 29th floor will become an outdoor lounge overlooking more of the city, with downtown in the distance. The next phase of NCR’s headquarters is rising at center.
What will become the rooftop clubroom.
A view of the "high pool"—one of two pool options—on the 26th floor, which will overlook part of the Georgia Tech campus.
Another facet of the rooftop dog park.
The apartment numbers are lit—in more ways than one—in the hallways.
Looking into the master bedroom from the kitchen of the junior two-bedroom model.
The living room and kitchen of the junior two-bedroom model.
Nest thermostats come standard.
The office nook and a look into the bedroom of the one-bedroom model.
The one-bedroom model’s sleeping quarters.
The kitchen inside the one-bedroom model.
The one-bedroom’s living room, replete with fixie bike.
One option for lounging in the swank Modera lobby.
The lobby entrance.
How the tower’s retail meets Eighth Street.
The overall vision, with pool and dog park up top, and the running track and second pool below.
Modera Midtown/FB