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Midtown Atlanta parking lots could be transformed into Portman office and residential towers

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John Portman Holdings is planning two new towers adjacent to their Coda development on West Peachtree Street

Parking lots and a one-story bank building stand on the site now.
Asphalt-heavy land at 740 West Peachtree St., where the towers could rise.
Images: Google Maps

Midtown’s development boom is roaring on—in a potentially big way.

John Portman Holdings, the development wing of the legendary Atlanta architect’s empire, is hoping to bring office and residential towers to south Midtown, next door to their Coda development rising at Tech Square.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, plans are being devised for more than 600,000 square feet of office, retail, and residential development at 4th and West Peachtree streets. It’s all in pre-development phases, officials said.

For context, 620,000 square feet is a little less than half of the total floor area within nearby Bank of America Plaza, Atlanta’s tallest skyscraper.

Two towers, located just south of Coda, could eventually house more than 140 residential units, offices, ground-floor retail, and 1,000 parking spaces, the company told the AJC.

The height of the proposals hasn’t been specified.

The development team hopes to leverage the momentum in the neighborhood, fueled by Georgia Tech, tech-oriented industry, and the growth of residential development. Officials told the newspaper that tenant interest in Coda, which is scheduled to open in 2019, has been strong.

As seen in March, the Coda construction site (at right) with the proposed location of two towers just beyond.

Specifics are scarce, but more information could emerge this evening at a Development Review Committee meeting for the neighborhood, where the proposal is scheduled to be presented.

Expect more information after the meeting.