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Recently renovated Old Fourth Ward townhome aims for $635K

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Near the Eastside Trail, this unit offers a modernized interior that completely contradicts the traditional exterior

Yellow townhouse with porch and side yard.
A corner on the market.
Virgent Realty

Sitting on the end of a multi-unit townhome development in the Old Fourth Ward, this three-bedroom, three-bath property from 2003 recently received a thorough renovation that replaced the original interior with a much more modern incarnation.

The large, open concept kitchen with its stainless appliances, tiled backsplash, and streamlined black and white cabinetry doesn’t come as much of a surprise. The built-in media room with projector and screen, however, certainly captures one’s attention. Especially for a non-mansion of 1,950 square feet.

But the home’s outdoor spaces needed no such enhancement. A screened-in porch on the main floor serves as the floor for an open porch on the second, both of which are prime outdoor entertaining spaces.

The listing mentions “three outdoor seating areas,” but the third seems to be a small concrete pad next to the two-car garage. It doesn’t exactly scream “come outside and relax,” but it could be useful for larger gatherings.

Heading upstairs ... well, lovers of hallway carpeting are in luck.

The Irwin Street property is conveniently located near the Eastside Trail and Krog Street Market, so that could account for the asking price of $634,900, which is at the high end of current home values for the area.

Given the property was listed as a rental from February through May for as much as $3,800 per month, maybe the purchase price will turn out to be a better deal.