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Georgia Dome signs begin falling across Atlanta for directions to Mercedes-Benz Stadium

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Unfinished coliseum is now officially a destination for Atlanta freeway commuters

A new sign for Mercedes-Benz Stadium being installed along an Atlanta freeway.
Georgia Dome fans: Just stop your crying, it’s a sign of the times.
Photos: Kayla Kaplan, courtesy of Mercedes-Benz USA

The signs, they are a-changin’.

As visible proof the Georgia Dome’s demise—and Mercedes-Benz Stadium’s debut—is nigh, Georgia Department of Transportation crews brought down an old brown sign Tuesday on Interstate 75 pointing commuters to the Dome.

In its place, this message: “Mercedes-Benz Stadium EXIT 252.”

Per Mercedes-Benz reps, the switch marks a milestone, in that the stadium bearing the German automaker’s name is now “officially ... a destination to Atlanta commuters.”

The I-75 changeover was the first of 11 highway signs to be swapped soon; DOT officials expect all signs to be updated, logically, before the new stadium’s opening late next month.

In other stadium news this week, the AJC reports the new dome’s roof will be in a closed position for the first Falcons and Atlanta United games—and no one seems exactly sure when it’ll be open while crowds are inside.

Officials did vow, however, that the roof will openable at some point during the football and soccer teams’ 2017 seasons.

What’ll that fetch on eBay?
The “Mercedes-Benz G63 Falcons edition vehicle” was on hand for Tuesday’s festivities.

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