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Facing Edgewood MARTA station, modern townhouse cluster debuts in $400Ks

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Planned 15 units join a construction explosion around transit station

A new group of townhomes in Edgewood Atlanta.
A trio of street-facing units.
Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty

Touting easy-breezy access to MARTA trains, the initial offerings of an Edgewood townhouse cluster called 1463 La France are starting to arrive.

Even with prices approaching (or cresting) the half-million mark, they could be viewed as a budget-friendlier alternative to semi-detached situations in other parts of Atlanta.

One option to hit the market this week serves up three bedrooms and three and 12 bathrooms among 2,124 square feet.

The ask: $479,900.

Interior listing photos show sleek, blank-slate spaces that weren’t 100 percent buttoned up at showtime, but they give an indication of design choices that include Porcelanosa finishes and geometrical varieties of windows.

One unique feature is a horizontal backsplash window slit—for lack of a more sophisticated description—above the sink.

Built by Cablik Enterprises and designed by TSW Architects, 1463 La France will eventually count 15 residences, adjacent to the Edgewood/Candler Park MARTA station.

Another unit of the same proportions is asking $509,900. The cheapest of the lot ($454,900) so far is under contract, as are several others.

The lot’s previous use, as seen early last year.
Google Maps
Three units closest to the La France Street sidewalk today.
Atlanta Fine Homes So

Outdoor options for some homes appear limited to smallish decks off the kitchen, while others feature “large, private, and deeded yards,” per the listing. Across the street, longterm plans for MARTA’s Spoke call for a public park, which could ail townhouse dwellers jonesing for green fix.

In development for a year, the $40-million "Spoke" project—MARTA’s first Transit Oriented Development to launch—is swallowing parking lots surrounding the station, bringing 224 apartments and a planned performing arts center, retail, and restaurants.

So the not-shabby 69 WalkScore promises to improve.