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In West Midtown, worst fears confirmed as storage facility announced for Northside and 17th

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Fuqua-led project on prominent corner will include strip center, plenty of parking, within stroll of Atlantic Station

A rendering of a five-story storage facilty with blank white walls and green accents, with windows at the corner.
The storage facility.
JDA, Inc.

Permits are reportedly in motion to begin construction on an 875-unit storage facility at Northside Drive and 17th Street, just west of Atlantic Station.

What Now Atlanta reports that Johnson Development Associates will construct the five-story, 110,000-square-foot facility as part of the planned Jeff Fuqua-led development on a long-fallow but highly visible corner.

Plans for the 12.5-acre site, once proposed as a multi-modal train station, also include a Kroger and Chipotle.

A rendering revealed earlier this year disappointingly confirms that Fuqua plans a suburban-style shopping center, complete with a large parking lot and big-box spaces. With this project, the controversial developer continues his trend of under-developing intown sites.

Perhaps most frustratingly, the storage facility firm’s website notes the development sits at one of Atlanta’s most “prominent, intown intersections, within walking distance of Atlantic Station.” Which seems like great justification to not build a storage facility surrounded by parking there.

The storage project has a very ambitious timeline, with completion expected sometime in the first quarter of next year.

Midtown skyline beyond the site.
The site as it stands now.
Major & Arroll
A photo of the image that shows lots of parking lots and big box stores.
A glimpse of what the site will look like once it’s Fuqua-ed up.
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