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In Midtown, West Peachtree multi-use project begins to loom large over neighbors

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Hotel and apartment towers are sprouting from a site formerly occupied by three-story office building

Concrete structure rising to six stories.
Construction progress this week, with the hotel at right.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

For years, a tiny community garden grew at the intersection of West Peachtree and 18th streets, providing a hint of green within a largely paved area of town.

Now, a high-rise project—though still in its infancy—is lending a far more urban sensibility to this section of amorphous Midtown.

Construction on Ascent Midtown, which began with the demolition of a three-story midcentury office building, has been plowing ahead this summer.

This week, work is reaching the top of the base podium piece, from which two towers will ultimately rise. Much progress has been made since May, when the structure was lower than its diminutive neighbor to the south.

Designed by R2L:Architects and being built by Greystar, the 22-story project will feature 328 apartments, with 176 hotel rooms in a 12-story piece to the north. The building will also feature ground-floor retail and a parking deck for 532 cars, accessed off Spring Street.

Construction will last well into 2018.

Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta