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Lake Claire home billed as ‘ultra eco-friendly, contemporary’ wants $533K

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Designed by an architect/owner for this specific lot, 1981 house is clearly in fixer-upper mode now

Multi-story brown house behind a concrete wall.
Tucked away in Lake Claire.
Keller Knapp Realty

Located just steps from Lake Claire Park, this three-bedroom, two-bath offering is marketed as being “an ultra eco-friendly contemporary home.” That’s one way to put it.

While the exterior architecture certainly presents an unusual facade, the interior is more in line with a home built more than 35 years ago. Which this happens to be.

The brick floors and tile in the living room, the two-tone cabinets in the kitchen, and even the wood window casings and baseboards throughout hardly scream “contemporary.” And the vanity in the second bathroom is so small, it seems almost an afterthought.

So, by 2017 standards, this falls more into “fixer-upper” category.

The cedar closet and extra bedroom with the loft are interesting features, but, overall, not extraordinary. The listing also mentions the “bridge to the amazing backyard nirvana,” but the photos unfortunately fail to highlight such paradise.

The listing states the home was designed by an architect/owner specifically for this lot to maximize sunlight in the winter and shade in the summer. The photos, though, reveal a lot that appears unkempt for now.

And, according to the listing, the asking price of $532,900 is an affordable route into the Lake Claire community “without spending an arm and a leg.”

If that turns out to be true, perhaps the buyer could invest in a needed overhaul.