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How the Atlanta Beltline’s Westside Trail looks right now

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Concrete, plantings, lights abound as three-mile project wends toward September debut

A photo of the Beltline’s Westside Trail in West End.
Near the Interstate 20 overpass.
Photos: Jonathan Philips, Curbed Atlanta

Despite an exceptionally wet spring, the Atlanta Beltline’s longest contiguous stretch is almost fully paved, and officials are anticipating its public debut in a couple of months.

Beltline officials led a recent tour of the three-mile Westside Trail, allowing for a glimpse at construction progress. The 14-foot-wide ribbon of concrete—linking Adair Park to Lena Avenue at Washington Park, with 14 different access points—has come a long way since March.

Along with sleek lighting and innumerable new plantings, it has a handy center line, designating left and right-hand lanes.

Beltline spokeswoman Jenny Odom said a late-summer opening for this Beltline stretch is still realistic and that officials are now “aiming for September” to cut the ribbon for public use.

Until then, Odom stressed, the Westside Trail is an active construction site and should not be trespassed upon.

Have a look:

The beginning of the paved portion of the Westside Trail as it crosses Allene Avenue.
Photos: Jonathan Philips, Curbed Atlanta
A potential Beltline opportunity on Allene Avenue. Time will tell.
Aluma Farm's property backs up to the Westside Trail near its terminus on Allene Avenue.
Another potential Beltline opportunity on Allene Avenue.
Some of the good folks at Trees Atlanta install an irrigation system along the Westside Trail to help the growth of newly planted grass plugs.
The Westside Trail twists and turns as it heads toward Interstate 20.
Yes, the Westside Trail has a very distinct center line, unlike its Eastside counterpart.
The overpasses of I-20, girded by new plantings, as the Westside Trail keeps going.
Along this stretch, there’s a night-and-day difference in the trail’s implementation from just a few months ago near the I-20 overpasses.
Drainage pipes are covered with the Lucile Avenue bridge in the background.
An access point to the Westside Trail from Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard.
Well-documented graffiti where the Westside Trail, now almost fully paved, turns to parallel White Street.
A newly installed pedestrian crosswalk across White Street.
Crews load up necessary supplies as construction is almost complete.
The overall vision, with the Westside Trail at lower left.
Atlanta Beltline Inc.