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Chamblee’s ‘Olmsted’ highlights urbanization along Peachtree Boulevard

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MARTA-adjacent property is emblematic of changing times on the formerly industrial corridor

A lighted red sign atop the apartment building that says “CHAMBLEE.”
There’s no question about where The Olmstead is.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

Just a few years ago, Peachtree Industrial Boulevard in Chamblee was lined with strip centers, warehouses, and sprawling parking lots doubling as dumping grounds.

In an attempt to change perception of the road, Chamblee elected to drop the “Industrial” name back in 2008. Of course, it takes more than a tweaked road name to actually spur investment.

But economic development efforts appear to be working, as a range of residential and commercial projects are delivering more than 1,000 units and plenty of new shopping spaces to Chamblee.

One of the first new apartment developments to arrive on Peachtee Boulevard, Olmsted, highlights just how much the area has changed, while wholeheartedly embracing its location; a massive, lighted “CHAMBLEE” sign tops its roof.

From the street, the new building alludes to the industrial heritage of the area, evoking images of old brick storehouses.

Olmsted Chamblee

The building offers 15 different floorplans—from one-bedroom options to three-bedroom townhomes, complete with two-car garages. In addition to residences, it also offers office space for rent, a “den” with billiards and garages opening up to the pool, and space for restaurants to occupy.

Apartments go for between $1,200 and $3,800, and the website indicates there are at least 50 units still available.

Competition for renters in the area is only going to increase as work wraps up on the first phase of the nearby Parkview development, and down the street the new MARTA TOD is also underway.

Inside one of the units.
Olmsted Chamblee
Olmsted Chamblee
The lounge and pool.
Olmsted Chamblee
The two-story “den.”
Olmsted Chamblee
On-site offices for resident use.
Olmsted Chamblee