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Billion-dollar Brookhaven hospital rising quickly along Interstate 85

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Children’s Healthcare facility will be the most expensive ever built in Georgia

The gleaming, finished product.
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

On a prominent, Interstate 85-adjacent site where a retro hotel tower once stood, a glassy new project is rising as part of an ambitious healthcare campus.

Children’s Healthcare is in the midst constructing what promises to be the most expensive healthcare facility ever constructed in the Peach State.

Work is clearly visible on the Center for Advanced Pediatrics tower at the northwestern corner of the site, facing the interchange of North Druid Hills Road and I-85.

The building will be just a small part of an eventual 45-acre campus peppered with mid- and high-rise structures. The hospital intends to build for demand anticipated over the next two decades.

Meanwhile, just across the street, Emory University and the Atlanta Hawks are working to construct a shared sports medicine facility.

The area, recently annexed into Brookhaven, is morphing from a 1970s industrial park into a massive, healthcare-anchored, mixed-use development.

Progress, as Interstate 85 travelers see it.
Photos: Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta
A glass building stands surrounded by trees and a parking lot in Atlanta.
The Center for Advanced Pediatrics.
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
The campus.
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta