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In north Atlanta, updated 1980s contemporary isn’t moving at $600K

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Home of architect on tranquil, wooded lot is unsold after nearly two months on the market

A 1980s modern home in Atlanta asking $600,000.
The minimalist facade.
Harry Norman Realtors

This 1985 property on a woodsy, ITP cul-de-sac near Northlake Mall is proof that Atlanta’s modern-residential movement isn’t entirely new.

And it’s becoming proof that architecturally daring houses can sometimes be a tough (re)sell.

With four bedrooms and an expansive 3,340 square feet, it’s tucked in a DeKalb County subdivision called Lancelot Woods, on equally Olde English-sounding Guinevere Way. It listed back in mid-May at $600,000 and hasn’t budged since.

So what’s the deal?

The listing informs us this custom contemporary was built three decades ago by a noteworthy Atlanta architect as his personal family home, and it clearly took advantage of the rolling, verdant terrain.

The lovely front garden, punctuated by a koi pond and Japanese maple, leads to an attention-grabbing red door, which opens to an airy, two-story foyer and lounging area, where “one is greeted by a wall of windows which magically transports one into the forest,” the listing seriously says.

In the updated and sophisticated kitchen, the bench seating is an obvious plus, as is the spa master bathroom, and multiple outdoor decks that embrace the shade-casting backyard forest.

Conversely, the glass blocks, suspended ceilings (see: basement), black toilet, and expansive seas of carpeting probably register as turn-offs for 2017 buyers.

But the home is one instance where a “rare opportunity” description would be appropriate, as records indicate it’s never been on the market before.