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2 Chainz’s now-famous pink Trap House to vanish from Howell Mill

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Today is likely your last chance to catch a glimpse of the house used to promote Pretty Girls Like Trap Music album

A house painted bright pink, with a pink car outside.
The 2 Chainz Trap House.
Black Youth Project

A nondescript prewar bungalow on Howell Mill Road, just south of Chattahoochee Avenue, shot from obscurity to fame last week with a splash of paint and a simple message: “ TRAP.”

Rapper 2 Chainz rented the three-bedroom, one-bathroom home, dating back to 1940, to promote his latest album Pretty Girls Like Trap Music. With a coating of Pepto-Bismol-pink paint and a 1970s vintage car out front, the home quickly became a destination, drawing fans to the Westside.

It also became a force for good, playing host to an HIV testing center, church, and space for art.

But like all good things, it must come to an end.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the lease is up on the house today, and the 2 Chainz team will paint the home back into obscurity before the next yet-to-be-determined tenant moves in.

Sitting on less than two-tenths of an acre, the 899-square-foot house is valued at a pretty staggering $398,100 by the city.

With its newfound fame, could the home fetch a higher price? Or is the 15 minutes over?

The house, pre-fame.
Google Earth