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At northern edge of Midtown Atlanta, SCAD proposes dorm tower

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Structure to house nearly 600 students would rise adjacent to SCAD’s current dorm

A rudimentary rendering, showing a black building with white rooftop lounge.
The new dorm could offer a rooftop lounge (basically a prerequisite for college in Atlanta these days), with spectacular skyline views.
via Midtown Alliance

Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) has unveiled plans for a 14-story dorm building at the northern reaches of Midtown, adjacent to their main Atlanta campus and peering down over interstates.

According to the Midtown Alliance, the school presented the proposal at Tuesday’s Development Review Committee meeting as part of a greater plan to make a more defined campus in the land bounded by Peachtree Street, Spring Street, and the Brookwood interchange.

The tower would provide housing for 592 students as well as communal living spaces (including a rooftop lounge) and coffee bar. Other unspecified “off-site upgrades... to provide better connectivity to the main building” are planned, too. As the below non-SCAD-worthy illustration shows, this connectivity would be a boon for students.

No new parking would be added.

Nearly two years ago, SCAD revealed a scheme to replace their current dorm—Spring House—with a new mid-rise facility, but the school elected to construct the new dorm on an adjacent site as to not displace current residents. Once the new dorm is built, plans call for Spring House, which occupies an old hotel, to be demolished for future campus development.

The news ostensibly puts to rest speculation of SCAD converting one of Atlanta’s most agonizingly abandoned buildings, located just across Peachtree Street from the campus, into a high-rise dorm.

More information about the site plan has been requested from the DRC before the project will be allowed to move forward.

The dorm would rise on a triangular patch of land, behind Spring House.
Google Maps
A rudimentary rendering, showing a black building with white rooftop lounge. via Midtown Alliance