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Near Chastain Park, potential midcentury-modern gem is possible teardown at $750K

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Perfectly livable 1963 property suggested as renovation project or bulldozer bait

A midcentury home for sale in the Chastain Park area of Buckhead.
Will the choice lot prove too savory not to rebuild?
Keller Williams Realty Buckhead

You know you’re in Buckhead when the number $750,000 and the word “teardown” appear in the same listing.

But such is the case in Chastain North, around the corner from Chastain Park Amphitheater, where the fate of this four-bedroom from 1963 hangs in the balance.

After three weeks on the market, it appears to still be wanting for a contract, asking 34 of a million bucks with a style described as “chic farmhouse ... meets midcentury modern.”

But despite the vaulted ceilings, antique doors, and gracious sunporch, potential buyers are advised that, along with renovation, clearing the land is a viable option, because the “lot is an A+.”

As is, the house seems perfectly livable (if cluttered and a bit drab in places) with the potential to be dynamite.

It tallies a not-small 2,054 square feet, ostensibly with the potential to expand. Somehow.

In the three bathrooms, at least some of the vanities, light fixtures, and (baby-blue) tile appears to be original—in a potentially good way. Bedrooms are described as “incredibly spacious,” and the downstairs in-law suite counts its own entrance (and driveway).

At this price-point, though, a hang-up could be the carport parking. And the necessary costs that would bridge the gulf between here and dynamite.

Then again, what backhoe operator could barrel through here in good conscience?