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Latest Midtown office renovation launches on West Peachtree Street

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Overhaul will convert a dated red-brick office building into a modern edifice, complete with green-walled entrance

Two-story grey building with orange and green accents and a stepped lawn to the sidewalk.
A rendering of the updated facility.
Parkside Partners

It’s been more than a year since the announcement that a small, dated office building in northern Midtown would be undergoing a major update.

Now, demolition work has started at the squat Georgian-style brick building, with crews making quick work of the old stairs leading to the second-floor main entrance. Ultimately, the building will be turned into a far more modern-looking facility.

The work continues Midtown’s evolution toward a city-of-the-future aesthetic and speaks to its prowess as a growing job center.

According to permit filings, work will include replacing windows, removing the existing balcony, constructing new exterior stairs, adding a green wall feature, and sprucing up the facade of the parking deck at the rear of the building, facing Spring Street.

In total, the overhaul is supposed to cost around $325,000.

When complete, the remodeled space will serve as headquarters for Payscape.

Demolition beginning on the building.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta