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Charming Candler Park bungalow scores quick offer at $660K

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Interior renovations plus plenty of outdoor entertaining space provide winning combination for a short stay on the market

Gates open to driveway in front of gray bungalow.
A charming welcome in Candler Park.
Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty

Less than a week on the market, and this 1925 three-bedroom, two-bath bungalow in Candler Park has a pending offer. This isn’t too surprising given the initial curb appeal—and some surprises deeper within.

The interior certainly lives up to those exterior expectations. The built-ins around the fireplace, the renovated kitchen with its vast countertops and stainless appliances, and the updated bathrooms all contribute to the home’s allure.

Beyond that, the rooms seem far more spacious than the advertised square footage of 2,109 would seemingly accommodate. Yes, the vaulted ceiling and large picture windows in the master bedroom certainly add to the impression, but even the front rooms seem larger than the exterior suggests. (Or maybe it’s the wide-angle lens.)

Of course, the outdoor entertaining spaces aren’t too shabby either. The front porch is perfect for catching up with the neighbors, while the backyard arrangements provide privacy for family and friend gatherings.

That large deck and the covered space under the deck, plus the fenced-in backyard itself, are highly sought commodities in Atlanta, which probably contributed to the quick “pending” status.

And, for an asking price of $659,900 for this much space in Candler Park, one almost wonders if the home was underpriced for sale, as bad as that might sound.