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Alliance Theatre’s metamorphosis is in progress, and the pictures are amazing

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Demolition over the past few months has reduced the storied Midtown theater space to a concrete shell

Standing in the middle of where seats used to be, looking toward the back wall of the theater. There is no balcony, but an outline on the wall and a set of doors floating in the air show where it used to be.
The balcony has disappeared. Doors floating above the bare floor show where it used to be.
vws8091 via Instagram

The Alliance Theatre has hosted countless shows and other cultural events in its half-century on Peachtree Street in Midtown, but nothing compares to the drama of destruction currently playing out in the space.

Instagram photos posted by an account likely belonging to Victor W. Smith, the director of production for the Alliance, highlight the demolition within the Woodruff Arts Center.

The work is clearing the way for a transformational renovation to give new life to the 1960s-era venue.

Plans for the eye-popping renovation bubbled up nearly two years ago. Since, more details have been revealed about the sinuous new wood interior that was designed by New Orleans-based firm Trahan Architects.

A $38-million grant, secured back in 2014, jump-started the process of what will ultimately be a $110-million initiative to include the theater renovation, new learning spaces, pre-performance spaces, and more inviting public spaces for visitors, as well as endowments and funding for an array of programs.

Here are some of the amazing photos of the work:

Not a view we've seen before #alliancetheatre #alliancetheatretransformation

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Some big holes in the audience floor. #alliancetheatre #alliancetheatretransformation

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Balcony is gone. #alliancetheatre #alliancetheatretransformation

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Some small saw blades #alliancetheatretransformation

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