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Georgia State housing shortage spotlights need for new student residences

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When students start back to classes, many will be calling downtown’s Sheraton hotel home

The front of the hotel.
Sheraton Atlanta—the newest GSU dorm.

As Georgia State University students prepare to head back to class, some should pack more than pencils, books, and a laptop.

Their Starpoints rewards card might also come in handy.

According to the AJC, about 400 students who signed up for on-campus housing will find their rooms at the downtown Sheraton Atlanta. The university is accommodating students there temporarily due to a shortage in housing options on campus.

The school was left scrambling to find housing for nearly 10 percent of residential students after an “unusual increase in the number of applicants desiring housing,” according to the school’s website.

While the accommodations may be unique, GSU will provide assistants and campus police on the property, lending a college vibe to the experience. However, the placement is for a very limited time, as the hotel has rented out all of its rooms for DragonCon.

To provide permanent options for those at the Sheraton, GSU is reportedly negotiating for students to share dorm rooms, though there haven’t been many takers at this point.

The situation highlights the need for more student housing in downtown, as more GSU students come to live in the neighborhood. Construction started earlier this summer on a private, 700-bed dorm building, and an old office tower across from Hurt Park could soon be transformed to student housing.

Alas, if only they were open this year.