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Atlanta’s ‘modern farmhouse,’ townhome edition, pops up in Midtown’s shadow for $480K

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With rustic-urban aesthetic, three-bedroom offering near Atlantic Station has endured discounts since April

Two modern farmhouse townhomes in the shadow of Atlanta’s Atlantic Station.
The atypical parking situation.

The modern-farmhouse townhome—aka, the chic-hick duplex—isn’t new to Atlanta. Just ask Reynoldstown.

But now the style has extended to the shadow of Atlantic Station (and Midtown), in the Home Park neighborhood, where this “fabulous new construction” has been beckoning (via yodeling?) buyers since the spring, to no avail thus far.

Loaded with custom finishes, this right half of the equation serves up three bedrooms, four bathrooms, and about 2,200 square feet, via a clean interior with rustic punctuation. It’s big on wide-open rooms and a very functional foyer.

Elsewhere, perks include a “privacy partition,” which applies to both the front porch and backyard, and “amazing skyline views of Midtown,” per the listing.

The front-yard parking situation looks practical if a bit odd. And the outdoor social options aren’t exactly sprawling—but the vaulted master suite is.

Records show it’s been listed twice before since April, when it debuted at $524,900.

It’s back today, seeking $474,900.

The site’s predecessor last summer.
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Atlantic Station

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