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With sale of prime Decatur acreage wrapped, planning phase to begin

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Former United Methodist Children’s Home campus will become large protected conservation area, public facilities

An aerial view showing the large, green campus in relationship to downtown Decatur, just to the northwest.
An aerial view of the campus.
Base via Google Maps

A 77-acre site just south of downtown Decatur and Agnes Scott College has officially been sold to the DeKalb County city, which plans to create public facilities and a 22-acre natural conservation area.

The former United Methodist Children’s Home campus, owned by the North Georgia Conference for nearly 150 years, was purchased by the City of Decatur after it’d been listed for sale early this year.

According to Decatur Metro, the deal closed last week.

Locals concerned about new dense development on the campus, as well as preservationists with interest in the century-old buildings, were reportedly relieved when city officials announced they were pursuing the purchase.

Exact plans for the site are still in the works, but it’s safe to expect space for active programming, including upgraded playing fields. A large portion of the land will also be dedicated to natural conservation. Finally, the historic buildings on the property will be retained and repurposed, though their future uses remain unclear.

Development of a community-driven master plan is slated to kick off in January.

A stone chapel and two Victorian homes are visible on a sloping grass lawn. Flickr - Decatur Then and Now