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Hear ye! Cobb County castle is heading to auction gauntlet at steep discount

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In two weeks, chivalrous bidders shall be summoned to Marietta’s 13,700-square-foot brick fortress

A gaudy Cobb County estate as seen from above, outside Atlanta.
A bird’s-eye-view of the decadent grounds—and synthetic slate roof.
Photos courtesy of Platinum Luxury Auctions

Buyers in the market for a lordly Georgian manor at borderline bargain-bin prices might want to take heed of an auction scheduled Sept. 9 in the Kingdom of Cobb.

Modeled after Europe’s great castles—specifically the 1770s home of Sir Walter Scott— the ceaselessly decadent, customized brick fortress listed a year ago for just shy of $2.5 million. But (medieval) times have changed.

In two weeks, it’ll hit the auction block at the guillotined starting price of $1 million, according to Platinum Luxury Auctions, a Miami-based real estate auction firm.

Beyond the grand entry door from an actual 1700s English castle, the interior reveals 13,700 square feet of soaring chimneys, Honduran mahogany woodwork, royal chandeliers, and antique-y fireplaces, though the home was built just two decades ago.

For the royal fleet, there’s a four-car garage with a carriage apartment up top, for a total of six bedrooms. Other aspects of note:

  • The sale includes the snarling lion statues outside, a two-level room dedicated to taxidermy, and a softly lit temple to firearms;
  • Apparently, "English Masters" trained in Gibraltar hand-carved those 55 interior doors;
  • The antique chandelier in the banquet-ready dining room is gilded in 24-carat gold;
  • One oversized fireplace is built of mahogany and marble from a French castle;
  • The climate-controlled wine cellar fits 1,500 bottles and is inlaid with antique brick from, um, South Carolina.

The one-acre, woodsy lot borders Sope Creek Park and Chattahoochee National Forest, which should provide an ample buffer from Robin Hoods of the Fulton serfdom.

Going once ...

For a more extensive tour, pour a tall glass of mead and head to these listing photos from a year ago.