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Atlanta’s Peachtree-Pine shelter officially on path to closure

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Transition will occur through October, before the building is finally vacated

Peachtree-Pine, with downtown’s skyline beyond.
The facility on Peachtree Street.
Google Maps

The final chapter of Peachtree-Pine Homeless Shelter’s years-long saga has finally begun.

According to the City of Atlanta, the closure of the facility—which was announced earlier this summer—is underway, with a new operator slated to take over the property next Monday.

As expected, some who seek assistance at the shelter will still be accommodated on site, though the new management will be supported by United Way, the Atlanta Police Department, and the Central Atlanta Progress Ambassador Force.

In a press release, city officials send word that “a renewed effort” will be made “to end unpermitted feeding and unscheduled clothing drops in favor of the support of organizations who can provide a continuum of care and services.”

Nearly 200 residents may still shelter in the facility through September, but everyone should be accommodated in other locations by October, officials said.

Once the final occupants move out, Central Atlanta Progress will take control of the building, standing between Midtown and downtown. It’s likely that ownership will ultimately be transferred to another entity.

People loitering behind the facility was one concern shared by surrounding residents.
Google Maps

Whatever happens, the new is welcome for neighbors who have endured years of dangerous and unsightly conditions on account of poor management of the shelter. Coincidentally or not, the closure comes as downtown and southern Midtown real estate development is hitting a new high.