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At $529K, does this 1920s Old Fourth Ward stalwart stand a chance?

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It’s blocks from the Beltline, Ponce City Market, and yada yada, but the interior condition is borderline NSFW

An derelict old Fourth Ward atlanta house for sale at $529,000.
To save, or not to save.
GPS Property Management

Warning: graphic content.

Anyone who’s used Highland Avenue as a shortcut from the Old Fourth Ward to the heart of downtown in recent years has probably sighed with pity for this 1920s, two-story traditional.

Its ornate detailing and beefy porch hint at prouder days, but as of now, it’s frankly an utter mess—from the plywood crawlspace guards to the rooftop burn holes.

It listed today at $529,000.

The listing invites intrepid rehab specialists to “make your mark in one of Atlanta's hottest neighborhood” and “act fast on this rare investment opportunity,” but first they’d better watch their step. The interior is a horror show of dangling wires, crumbling ceilings, boarded windows, and what’s clearly fire damage.

But then again ... it has soul that can’t be replicated (see: old trim, doors, and bannisters). And that 84 WalkScore hints at the blocks-away proximity of Ponce City Market, the Eastside Trail, and the splendors of Inman Park dining and shopping on the same street.

The four-bedroom, 3,043-square-foot house occupies a fairly big lot. But that’d be a tall asking price for a teardown, if the property doesn’t fall under protections.

Property records indicate the home sold in 2014 for just $201,000, but that may have been a transaction among family.

It’s being offered as-is, with no seller’s disclosure. Of course.