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Hurricane Harvey-displaced dogs and cats find a home in Atlanta

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Shelters in Louisiana and Texas have sent animals away from harm, minting new Atlantans in the process

The Atlanta Humane Society campus in West Midtown, from 10th Street.
The Atlanta Humane Society in West Midtown.
Photos: Atlanta Humane Society

While the effects of Hurricane Harvey are still being assessed—and certainly felt—in Texas, some animals displaced by the storm are finding lodging (and maybe a new home) in Atlanta.

At the Westside Atlanta Humane Society facility on Howell Mill Road, a truck carrying 29 dogs and cats arrived Saturday morning in the first of what will likely be many such relocations.

According to WSB-TV, the newly arrived animals represent some of those who were residing in shelters along the Gulf Coast before the storm bore down. In an attempt to accommodate personal pets who couldn’t travel with their owners to evacuate, Louisiana and Texas shelters moved animals already up for adoption to cities like Atlanta.

Now, these newly minted, four-legged Atlantans are ready for some Georgia love.

To encourage adoptions of the displaced animals, the shelter is temporarily waiving adoption fees for all animals one year and older.

Earlier this year, the Atlanta Humane Society announced their intention to sell their West Midtown headquarters to a developer, though no deal has materialized yet.

Luckily, for these storm evacuees, the 10th Street facility—which has been owned by the Humane Society since the 1930s—is still here to serve.