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Castleberry Hill warehouse loft brings big personality for $200K

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Bedroom was once meatpacking facility’s office, while bathroom was a large safe

Inside a Castleberry Hill loft for sale in Atlanta for an even $200,000.
The living/kitchening/dining/lounging space.

Here in the heart of Castleberry Hill, we find what’s marketed as a “one-of-a-kind loft” that’s true to the billing, as it’s loaded with history and inimitable details.

The Kingan and Co. Lofts building on Peters Street, a former meatpacking plant, was converted to 14 residential units as the Centennial Olympic Games played out down the street.

The loft in question is a character-rich, light-filled corner dwelling, but with just 868 square feet, it’s among the building’s smallest.

Unlike studios of this general size around Atlanta, it does manage a true bedroom (the warehouse’s former office) and bathroom (the former walk-in safe, with the original metal door!) and loads of postindustrial panache. Outside, the facade still reads “Pork & Beef Packers.” How’s that for history?

Other pertinent numbers: The even $200,000 asking price buys a solid WalkScore of 85—and a minutes-long walk to Atlanta’s glistening new stadium.

Per the listing, the loft’s stainless steel appliances are new, and the off-street parking is gated, as is the backyard for pooches. A handy, sizable basement storage unit comes with.

HOA fees aren’t specified. Also, it’s unclear if the “huge rooftop deck with stunning city views” has community access, but lack of the word “private” in the listing usually means it isn’t.

One entrance to the bathroom:

An alternate configuration: