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In Sandy Springs, demolition preps for new park space, possible double-roundabouts

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Across Roswell Road from the new City Springs development, pie-shaped property has uncertain future

<br><br>A non-descript beige one-story commercial building.
One of the buildings that lost its battle with a wrecking crew last week.
Google Maps

Demolition crews have made quick work of two midcentury structures along Roswell Road in the heart of downtown Sandy Springs in preparation for a new city park and improved intersection.

As Sandy Springs’ new city center, City Springs, rises across the street, the destruction cleared the way for a long-planned greenspace along the heavily traveled corridor. But according to Reporter Newspapers, final plans for the park and accompanying intersection reconfiguration—originally planned as a dual-roundabout—are now up in the air.

While it’s not the first time the city has explored slightly unorthodox intersection types, concerns by citizens about the proposed configuration of the traffic circles, as well as needed land acquisition, have driven the city to investigate alternatives.

Additionally, plans for future transit from the city center to the Sandy Springs MARTA Station are being taken into account.

The traffic circles as originally proposed.
Sandy Springs

The work comes as the Roswell Road corridor has quickly transformed from strip centers and parking lots into mixed-use developments with apartments galore. In total, more than 2,000 residential units have risen or are planned around the still under-construction City Springs.

The project, which will be unveiled next year, will feature an 1,100-seat performing arts center, a black box theater, meeting spaces, government offices, residences, retail, restaurants, and a large park, all atop an underground parking facility.