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Recently renovated West End bungalow offers plenty of room for $379K

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Close to Rose Circle Park and the Beltline’s Westside Trail, this 1930s home is one more in a recent wave of renovations southwest of downtown

Gray house with covered porch and landscaped yard.
Refreshed charm becomes curb appeal in the West End.
Networth Realty of Atlanta

On the heels of an extensive renovation, this 1930s bungalow in the West End exudes curb appeal from the exterior, which contains a large part of the “original character” alluded to in the listing.

Inside, the four-bedroom, three-bath home encompasses 3,200 square feet, quite a lot of room for this style of house, although it seems that much of this extra space is contained in what appears to be an addition on the rear of the structure.

The finished basement is primed for conversion into a rec room, playroom, or possibly an in-law suite. It is interesting, though, that with all the upgrades there is no refrigerator (for now, at least).

The fenced-in backyard is a plus, but why the tiny balcony off the back instead of a large deck for outdoor entertaining?

Pouring that concrete slab in the middle of the yard instead of placing it against the house as a proper patio also seems a bit off-kilter, although it could make for a tidy fire-pit area.

The lack of off-street parking is a drawback as well. Otherwise, the asking price of $379,900—relatively doable, compared to many other neighborhoods across town—could be a good trade-off for such a big house.

Not to mention it’s within walking distance of Rose Circle Park and the forthcoming Westside Trail of the Beltline.