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In East Lake, Craftsman-style new-construction is flirting with $800K

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This new four-bedroom near retail villages has much going for it, but could the asking price be a tall order?     

A gray house with white trim and a small porch.
A new player in East Lake, sans front porch.
Keller Knapp Inc.

It’s not surprising, given that it’s brand-new, but there’s much to like in this four-bedroom, three-bathroom home in East Lake.

Interesting light fixtures, a variety of trim work, and plenty of built-ins all contribute to the polished look of the interior, which could be called Quintessential Atlanta New House of the 2010s.

The many windows placed throughout also allow a wealth of natural light to flood the spaces, contributing to an open and airy atmosphere. However, the listing doesn’t include any photos of the bedrooms other than the master, which makes one wonder just how big, or small, each one is.

The covered back deck and fenced-in backyard provide prime outdoor entertaining space, but there seems to be a missed opportunity to further build out that space under the deck.

Perhaps that could be a project for the future homeowner, along with the unfinished basement.

What’s truly interesting, though, is the asking price of $769,900. This new house is flirting with the $800Ks in East Lake, which not all that long ago was the sole jurisdiction of Decatur and Oakhurst on this side of town.

With 2,900 square feet, it’s certainly adequate—but by no means a mansion.

A similar, fairly new home a few blocks away is asking $800,000 (formerly priced at $829,000 earlier this year), but it comes with an additional 900 square feet.

Yes, this property is within walking distance of East Lake Park, the East Lake Golf Club, the budding Hosea+2nd development, and Oakhurst Village, but new construction coupled with location doesn’t always add up to a hefty price tag.

Or maybe it will.