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Near Chastain, this renovated, 44-year-old ‘modern’ aims for $850K

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Three-story home received plenty of fresh upgrades, but the lot seems lacking.

Driveway in front of multi-story gray house and garage.
For homebuyers with big-window allergies.
Twin City Realty Illinois LLC

Built in 1973, this four-bedroom, three-bath contemporary must have stood out when it was first completed, despite its tucked-away location.

From the outside, it definitely differs from its more traditional neighbors, and especially the McMansions rising up in the community.

Inside, the open floorplan isn’t exactly inviting, given there seems to be too much wasted space with the two-story living room that could have better served the home, perhaps, with actual floor space.

Of course, just how much floor space the house contains is up for debate. Some listings state it has 3,700 square feet, while others indicate 2,592 square feet.

There are no photos revealing the backyard, either, which makes one wonder if there even is a backyard. The most recent street view also isn’t very complimentary, showing a front yard in dire need of a trim (or overhaul).

It seems the interior renovations were the only work completed in an effort to move this house out of foreclosure and off the market.

While the asking price of $850,000 is not out of line with market prices in the area, the architecture could still be a deterrent given that most recently sold homes nearby are much more traditional.

Perhaps being within walking distance of the Chastain Amphitheatre will be a worthy trade-off for a future buyer.