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Irma batters Atlanta, as seen through social media

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In just an afternoon, strong winds brought down trees and damaged homes and property across the metro

A map showing all of Georgia simultaneously being impacted by Irma’s winds.
Irma brought tropical storm force winds to the entire state—at once.

For hundreds of thousands of metro Atlanta residents, Monday was challenging (if not horrifying), filled with downed trees, damaged homes, and ongoing, mass power-outages.

Atlanta may have been spared the destruction seen in Florida and South Georgia as Tropical Storm Irma rolled through the region last night, but there was still plenty of damage to sort out. And even more near-misses as rain-weakened soil, combined with high winds, sent the city’s famed tree canopy plummeting near vehicles and homes.

To help visually grasp the extent of Irma’s widespread impact, here are some Instagram posts from across the metro:

A few loud booms, trees are starting to crack, lots of sirens, no power. #irma #irmaatlanta

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... #irma #irmaatlanta

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Tree down Jackson between North Ave and Ralph McGill. But the Highlander is still open.

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Not letting up. #irma

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Hello Irma. Just lost power in midtown. #irma

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Well this just happened!

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My uncle is happy the tree that he didn't want anymore just came down with the wind a few minutes ago.

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