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New Reynoldstown ‘urban farmhouse’ offers space, location for $700K

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This “perfect mix of modern sleek with rustic grit” in R-town is close to the Beltline and forthcoming Madison Yards    

Landscaped yard in front of two-story home.
A popular approach around the neighborhood these days.
JWC Real Estate LLC

Continuing the hot “urban farmhouse”-style trend in Reynoldstown, this new offering puts forth the “perfect mix of modern sleek with rustic grit,” per the listing.

Well, the five-bedroom, three-bath house does have the usual modern accoutrements such as quartz countertops, stylistic light fixtures, vessel bathroom sink, and a spa-like master bath complete with glass shower and separate soaking tub.

The “rescued” wood fireplace surround and wooden counter in one bathroom do add touches of “rustic grit,” but that bar looks a tad out of place, especially given it’s opposite the staircase far away from the home’s main entertaining spaces.

With five bedrooms in 2,535 square feet, one has to wonder just how large those bedrooms are; it’s not easy to tell from the photos, but they look small.

And barn doors for what appears to be a bedroom? Please make this trend go away.

The covered front and back porches are nice additions, as is the second-floor front deck that claims to overlook the skyline. Potential buyers will have to verify this fact for themselves since the only photo available was shot on a cloudy day.

The landscaped front and back yards add additional curb appeal, but that shared driveway could be problematic in the future when one homeowner is ready to entertain (or just ready to leave for work).

The asking price of $699,000 is a bit on the high end for Reynoldstown, but the home’s new construction and location could prove worthy of the price.

After all, buyers wanting a home within walking distance of the Beltline’s existing Eastside Trail (and future Southeast Trail) and the upcoming Madison Yards along Memorial Drive will find just that in this property.