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What renting in Atlanta near a MARTA station costs right now

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Led by new transit-oriented developments, rents near MARTA are going up, but bargains still exist in some neighborhoods

<br><br>Three residential towers on West Peachtree Street.
High-rise residences surround Arts Center Station in Midtown.
Google Maps

Living near MARTA is a convenient option for Atlantans who favor transit over vehicles, but depending on the neighborhood, finding an apartment to fit the bill can be a lot of work.

With the construction of transit-oriented developments across the ITP landscape and the general popularity of intown living, prices are going up, even as options become more plentiful around MARTA stations.

Of course, with 38 train stations spread throughout Atlanta, costs vary widely around the network.

Here’s a look at rents in very MARTA-oriented locales across the city:


Time to Five Points: Six minutes

Time to Airport: 21 minutes

Station Description: The northernmost station in Midtown, Arts Center is surrounded by booming development in the neighborhood.

Arts Center Tower Apartments

^ Low cost: Constructed in the 1960s, before the major development boom in the area, Arts Center Tower stands directly across the street from the West Peachtree Street entrance to the station. While the building doesn’t offer all the amenities of newer options, it does come at a slightly more affordable rate. One-bedroom units go for just over $1,300 per month, while roomy, 1,100-square-foot two-bedroom offerings start at just over $1,500 per month.

AMLI Arts Center
The view from a high-floor unit at AMLI Arts Center.
AMLI Arts Center

^ High cost: Just next door to Arts Center Tower, construction is just wrapping up on AMLI Arts Center. Boasting impressive views of Atlanta from a 30th-story club room, the building has high-end finishes and plenty of floorplan options, but luxury comes at a price. Diminutive studios start at more than $1,500 per month, with two-bedroom penthouses available from $5,140 monthly.



Time to Five Points: Nine minutes

Time to Airport: 29 minutes, with transfer

Station Description: MARTA’s westernmost station, H.E. Holmes sits at the end of the blue line, near the interchange of Interstates 285 and 20. Multiple apartment options are available near the station, around the intersection of MLK, Jr. Drive and Peyton Road.

Low cost: Built in the 1970s, Dogwood Apartments are just a few minutes from the station. While dated, the community features a pool and has one-bedroom units for as low as $655 a month.

High cost: Newer offerings around the station are also a relative bargain, compared to more in-demand areas of the city. Columbia Commons Apartments offers three-bedroom units for under $1,000 per month, with similar prices found across the street at Peaks of MLK.



Time to Five Points: 16 minutes

Time to Airport: 31 minutes

Station Description: Just north of Buckhead, the station sits on Peachtree Road. It’s located near Oglethorpe University and the Town Brookhaven mixed-use development, so rental options abound near the station.

Post Glen

^ Low cost: The closest apartment development to the station is Post Glen, which features garden-style units in three-story, traditional buildings, some with single-car garages. With a pool, tennis court, and club room, the older development does have some amenities, and rents start as low as $1,095 per month. The largest units, with three bedrooms and two-and-1/2 baths go for between $2,285 and $3,425 per month.

High cost: As part of the Town Brookhaven mixed-use development, the Goodwynn offers walkability to a slew of restaurants and shops, including Publix and Costco (for those who don’t mind carrying a case of toilet paper home). However, convenience will cost, with the least expensive one-bedrooms going for more than $1,400 a month, and two-bedroom units going up quickly from a base price of $2,100 per month.



Time to Five Points: 14 minutes

Time to Airport: 1 minute

Station Description: Located just one stop from the airport, College Park is reaping the benefits of investment in the aerotropolis. With new businesses coming to the area, the apartment options are growing.

Low cost: For options within close proximity to the station, nothing can beat Princeton Court. Rents at the property for one- and two-bedroom units range from just under $600 to just over $900 a month. There is a caveat, however: Residents must be 55 or older.

^ High cost: Last year, Pad on Harvard brought College Park its first “luxury” rentals, just a block from the city’s MARTA station. Featuring all the now-familiar amenities of new buildings, the development boasts studio floorplans for just over $1,000 a month, with the building average landing around $1,400 monthly.



Time to Five Points: 13 minutes

Time to Airport: 34 minutes, with transfer

Station Description: Located beneath the historic courthouse square in Decatur, the city’s MARTA station is surrounded by popular bars and restaurants. New apartments are rising around the district, bringing plenty of options for those looking for a walkable neighborhood.

Low cost: For those who don’t mind hoofing a few blocks to transit, the Adair Oaks apartments offer an affordable option. With rents between $800 and $850 per month, the complex may not offer all the amenities of newer developments, but it has the bonus of being located equidistant to East Lake and Decatur MARTA stations.

Curbed Atlanta

^ High cost: With more than a few new apartment projects to choose from in the heart of downtown Decatur, there’s probably something to fit all preferences. One of the latest offerings to open in the area, ARLO, features studios for more than $1,400 per month.



Time to Five Points: Three minutes

Time to Airport: 23 minutes, with transfer

Station Description: Just east of downtown, King Memorial Station sits at the northwest corner of Oakland Cemetery, a few blocks north of Memorial Drive. Development is going gangbusters in the area.

Ashley Auburn Pointe

^ Low cost: Located across the street from the MARTA station, Ashley Auburn Pointe offers one-, two-, and three-bedroom units. One-bedroom options begin around $1,200 per month, while three-bedroom units start at just over $2,000 a month.

High cost: Memorial Drive has been a hotbed of development of late, with many new apartment buildings rising. One of the poshest offerings, the George, features one-bedroom units ranging up to $1,450 a month and two-bedroom offerings going for more than $2,000 and up.



Time to Five Points: 25 minutes

Time to Airport: 40 minutes

Station Description: Typically utilized as a park-and-ride facility, the station is the farthest-OTP MARTA rail option. Located in Sandy Springs, it’s surrounded by traditional garden-style rental options, dating to the early 1990s, though a new push is afoot for development of luxury properties.

Avia at North Springs.
Harbor Group Management

^ Low cost: Avia at North Springs is adjacent to the MARTA hub and even features a trail leading from the complex to the station. Studios start at a relatively affordable $950 per month, with three-bedroom units available for just over $1,600 per month.

High cost: While rents haven’t been revealed for the new Alexan North Station—just across the street from the station—prices will undoubtedly be higher than older options in the neighborhood. The newly constructed Modera Sandy Springs, which features comparable amenities but no transit access, has offerings starting at more than $1,200 a month, with three-bedroom options starting at $2,400 per month.