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Industrial Loring Heights contemporary desires $825K

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Built in 1983, this architecturally daring pad near Atlantic Station introduced modern living before it was the norm.    

Gray two-story house with windows and brown yard.
Well, you have a point there.
eXp Realty LLC

Surrounded by established trees, this three-bedroom, three-bath custom contemporary invites the outdoors in with a wealth of floor-to-ceiling windows and that glass block wall in the kitchen.

Although the listing doesn’t mention recent renovations, one look at the kitchen appliances, the bathroom’s vessel sinks, and the updated light fixtures, and it’s clear this home has received a makeover since 1983.

That outdoor deck surrounded by the home on at least three sides makes an ideal—and very private—entertaining space. Of course, given there are no photos revealing an actual backyard, this might be the only outdoor space available.

In fact, there’s not too much one can say about the yard except that it does appear to be low-maintenance.

Even the driveway is on the minimalist side, given it’s just wide enough for a car to enter and park by the house. Expanding that covered portion of the house to create actual covered parking is a missed opportunity. (Or maybe the garage was sacrificed at some point for additional living space?)

Although the house is “convenient to both Mercedes-Benz Stadium and SunTrust Park” as well as shopping, dining and entertainment, according to the listing, the asking price of $825,000 leans toward the high end for this neighborhood and could be a deterrent.

But it could work for buyers seeking something different, in a vintage-contemporary kind of way.