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Prairie-style Kirkwood offering dubbed ‘masterpiece’ at $750K

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A hair shy of 3,000 square feet atop a finished basement, new-build is walkable to East Lake, Kirkwood villages.

A Prairie-style offering in Kirkwood Atlanta for sale.
Eaves, if you please.
Keller Knapp

Boldly declared a “masterfully designed” Prairie-style “masterpiece” in the listing, this four-bedroom offering on the southern fringes of Kirkwood wants to master its own destiny toward $100 bucks shy of $750,000.

Recent, similarly sized listings that’ve breached the $700,000 threshold in the area have lingered unsold for a while, but this Sutton Street residence has several unique facets that could work in its favor.

It’s within a few blocks of Kirkwood’s commercial village and East Lake’s blossoming Hosea+2nd project, and around the corner from the East Lake YMCA and Drew Charter School.

The work of OBIE Award winners Sims Real Estate Group, the home takes chances with customizations (see: cedar accents) described in the listing as “stunning.” It registers 2,972 square feet and three bathrooms, atop a big ol’ slab of unfinished basement, with a generous helping of elevated deck around back.

Elsewhere, the house proudly includes a sputnik light in the dining room and a rather artful fireplace surround that—like the ceiling beams—punctuates the sunken living room. Bonus points for non-standard ceiling fans.

The kitchen boasts countertops for miles and a waterfall island, though the microwave is oddly sequestered in the butler’s pantry. The master bathroom qualifies as surprisingly elegant, but not in a jarring way.

Just a year ago, another large house gunned for the neighborhood sales record at $699,900; others have since blown past that mark. This one might be trying to up the bar for this side of Kirkwood, but it’s also made efforts to stand out.

The home’s predecessor in 2016.
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