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Howell Station cottage ‘500 feet from future Beltline’ summons $439K

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Listing also name-drops (future) Westside Reservoir Park around the corner.

A renovated cottage in the Howell Station neighborhood west of Midtown.
Enough side-yard for a soccer match.
Harry Norman Realtors

This renovation might forgo HGTV cuteness for turnkey utilitarianism, but it does offer a legitimate four bedrooms minutes from Midtown for well shy of a half-million bucks.

Find the cream-colored, 1930s cottage in Howell Station, a leafy, residential oasis of grided streets in a sea of light-industrial activity, just west of the King Plow Arts Center.

The tucked-away neighborhood boasts four historical churches, a park, and an assortment of residential offerings, ranging stylistically from shotguns to Queen Anne cottages.

Not that the communal greenspace will be necessary for the owner of this place, which basically comes with a fenced-in park of its own.

And recreation options, at least in the future, won’t end there, as the listing reminds us: “This property is located 500 feet from the future Beltline and Westside Reservoir Park scheduled to open in 2019.”

Moving inside, the concept is so open it couldn’t be hassled with a kitchen island of any sort. The stonework of the front porch is echoed in the fireplace, and pretty hardwoods carry throughout.

The upstairs—clearly a former attic—might have a few odd angles, but it allows for four full bedrooms overall.

Other pertinent numbers: two bedrooms, 1,528 square feet, zero frills, and $287 per square foot.

Which means the asking price is $439,000.