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Open Thread Atlanta: Describe your ideal MARTA transit line, however unrealistic

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And then—just maybe—$2.6 billion in expected tax revenue could make your MARTA train or streetcar pipe dream come true.

The nonexistent—but totally sensible—MARTA Greenline Loop, as concocted by a reader in 2014.
The nonexistent—but totally sensible—MARTA Greenline Loop, as proposed by a reader in 2014.
Curbed archives

Imagine departing a MARTA train at Arts Center Station in Midtown and transferring to a line that heads west.

One stop away, Atlantans could disembark at Atlantic Station for, say, a bottle of red at Publix; hop back on the train and grab a bag lunch on Howell Mill Road; then take one more stop for a righteous picnic at the upcoming Westside Reservoir Park, before catching an evening Falcons game—all without use of a traffic-causing personal vehicle, Uber, or bus.

Imagine is just what a design-savvy Curbed Atlanta reader did a few years back, when they envisioned the “MARTA Greenline Loop.”

Unfortunately the Greenline hasn’t materialized yet—and the reality is that tunneling beneath so much Atlanta infrastructure would be wildly expensive, even with $2.6 billion in new tax revenue set to expand MARTA and streetcar lines in coming years.

But let’s not concern ourselves with reality.

As part of Transportation Week’s grand finale, we’re opening the floor in the comments section as part of an Open Thread that asks:

“What’s your ideal MARTA train or streetcar line, Atlanta—however unrealistic?”

High-ranking MARTA officials and key state legislators have agreed to monitor the comments section today, and they’ve pledged that full funding will be appropriated within six months for the suggestion with the most likes.

So that last bit wasn’t true. In fact it was a bold-faced fib.

But just maybe the right people will be listening to the transit desires of Atlantans far and wide. And just maybe something brilliant like the Greenline Loop will happen, down the line.

Feel free to think big, as reader Jason Lathbury did in devising this comprehensive Atlanta transit network (below) two years ago:

Submitted; Jason Lathbury