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Photos: Peacthree Streets Alive event brings signature celebration to Atlanta’s core

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Nearly three miles of Peachtree was reserved for pedestrian enjoyment as part of ASA’s 2017 finale.

A view down Peachtree Street, with hundreds of cyclist and pedestrians packing the street.
Crowds pack Peachtree Street in Midtown during Streets Alive on Sunday.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

Peachtree Street—from south of Underground to Arts Center—was closed to cars Sunday afternoon as downtown and Midtown celebrated Atlanta Streets Alive.

The last in this year’s calendar of pedestrian-friendly events, the Peachtree celebration (along with a bit of Broad Street in South Downtown) brought tens of thousands of people out to revel in walkability on Atlanta’s most famous street.

The nearly three-mile course stretched from Mitchell Street to 17th Street.

Crowds came out to enjoy cycling, skating, walking, and playing in the beautiful sunshine—a welcome change from the rain that soaked last year’s celebration.

Some highlights from the afternoon:

Peachtree Street in downtown, outside of Peachtree Center, played host to a tie-dye T-shirt booth and a duo writing on-demand poems.
Chalk artists crafted pieces in the northbound lanes of Peachtree Street at Woodruff Park.
The atmosphere around Woodruff Park was festive.
The Coca-Cola Neon Spectacular sign loomed over activity at Five Points.
Barriers kept cyclists out of the streetcar tracks, as the blue behemoths ambled along their route.
King of Pops and Cafe + Velo were present on the Peachtree Bridge over the Connector.
Cyclist make their way south along Peachtree Street at Linden Avenue.
Bird-adorned cyclists pedal past North Avenue.
Peachtree Street in Midtown was packed curb-to-curb with Streets Alive attendees.
A band performs outside the Vortex as cyclists pass by.
Eager pedestrians wait to cross 10th Street.
A tiny house available for touring near Colony Square.
People watch a band perform at Colony Square while others share what biking means to them.
A couple swing-dancing in Peachtree Street, outside the Woodruff Arts Center.
Crowds making their way down Peachtree Street in Midtown.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta