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Westside demolitions clear way for 20 new homes for police officers

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Derelict homes wiped out as work pushes forward for nearly three dozen new residences by 2020.

These blighted apartments will be replaced by homes for police officers.
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In the heart of English Avenue on Atlanta’s westside, an abandoned and derelict old apartment building is being torn down to allow for the construction of new residences for police officers.

According to a press release by the Atlanta Police Foundation, work is beginning on 20 new homes as part of a program to increase police visibility, build connections between police and neighbors, and provide housing options for officers.

Five homes for cops were unveiled late last year in Vine City, and the latest phase will boost the program significantly. All homes are described as “affordable” options for officers, though prices aren’t specified.

The initiative—known as Secure Neighborhoods—is supported by the City of Atlanta, the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, and Westside Future Fund. It’s targeting three specific neighborhoods: Vine City, English Avenue, and Pittsburgh.

Ultimately, the new homes will allow officers and police recruits to purchase residences and establish roots in neighborhoods throughout the westside.

The six-unit apartment building cleared to make way for the officer housing is part of a larger development slated to be razed at the corner of Griffin Street and Cameron Madison Alexander Boulevard. It isn’t clear if the entire site will be devoted to police housing, or if the rest will be privately developed.

Another 10 homes are expected to be built as part of phase III in 2018.

The best news?

“Year over year, crime statistics show the efforts of the APF and the leadership of the APD are working—crime is steadily decreasing and more specifically, the Westside has seen a significant reduction in crime,” states the release. “However, there is still much that can be done to make our city safer.”