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In Virginia-Highland, this Tudor with a sunroof touts primo location for $759K

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Near Piedmont Park and Va-Hi shopping, 1920s property with saltwater pool has rather eye-popping addition.

A Tudor home in Atlanta’s Virginia-Highland neighborhood for sale that is unreal bad.
Not the most seamless home expansion.
Coldwell Banker

The strange universe of Atlanta home listings rarely fails to surprise.

Tucked between Piedmont Park and the commercial strip that includes Fontaine’s Oyster House, this radically altered 1925 Tudor in Virginia-Highland brings one surprise after the next.

Marketed as having the old soul of a brick Tudor, only mixed with contemporary “flair, charm, and character,” the home’s most distinguishing feature is now a glass expansion, which includes a third-floor bonus room that “feels like being in tree house!” per the listing.

It’s unclear (unlike the top floor) if the listed 1,930 square feet includes the rooftop greenhouse, though that seems to be the case. (Which breaks down to $393 per square foot at the current price).

Optimistically, the listing suggests, “Move right in or redo it your way!”

A high point, literally, is the multi-level backyard deck, which overlooks a saltwater pool, real greenhouse, hot tub, and outdoor shower—all part of a deep lot. So in this case, the party is inarguably around back.

Inside, ceiling heights seem cozy, room proportions eclectic, glass blocks plentiful, and the range of hard-surfaces on walls vast. The steam room and Japanese soaking tub certainly qualify as unique.

Records indicate the home listed for the first time in a decade in May—for $850,000. The listing price this week of $759,000 reflects the fifth adjustment since then.