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Colony Square construction to begin in October with fanfare, a wrecking ball

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When completed in 2019, the complex will feature a theater, gym, and food hall.

A four-story building and a six-story building, both modern, with an entry to a theater and restaurants.
A rendering of the reconfigured Colony Square Plaza, with a theater, restaurants, and the food hall Main & Main.
North American Properties

The grand overhaul of Midtown’s original mixed-use development—Colony Square—will soon kick into high gear with the demolition of a small building on the high-profile site.

According to a press release by developer North American Properties, Building 500 will be brought down during a ceremony Oct. 10, featuring speeches, food, drinks, and a wrecking ball.

Plans are shaping up for the revitalization of the nearly 1-million-square-foot office development, long anchored by an indoor food court.

The first phase of construction will bring street-level retail and restaurants to the base of Building 100, fronting Peachtree Street. Developers say the new spaces will be opened on the 50th anniversary of the complex’s original unveiling: July 4, 2018.

New retail around the 100 building.
North American Properties

The second phase, slated for delivery in March 2019, will bring new retail to the base of Building 400, located toward 15th Street.

Earlier this month it was revealed thatat Colony Square is jumping on the food hall bandwagon with plans for Main & Main—an eatery meets performance venue at the corner of 14th and Peachtree streets.

That component, along with a luxury movie theater, new office spaces, and “a curated collection of fitness concepts,” is slated to open Nov. 21, 2019.

A new entrance along 14th Street into Colony Square with a sign “Main & Main.”
A rendering of the new food hall, Main & Main, which will be delivered as part of phase 3.
North American Properties