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At long last, the Atlanta Beltline’s Westside Trail officially opens tomorrow

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Ribbon-cutting for the $43-million project happens at 4 p.m., and a community party shall follow.

The Atlanta Beltline’s Westside Trail, prior to its 2017 unveiling.
As seen in July, the Westside Trail near the Interstate 20 overpass.
Curbed Atlanta

As of tomorrow afternoon, the City of Atlanta will officially have three more miles of Beltline on its resume—its largest section yet.

While trespassing scofflaws have been routinely enjoying the Westside Trail for a few months, the $43-million project wasn’t technically done. That all changes at 4 p.m. Friday.

The Atlanta Beltline Partnership sends word that a ribbon-cutting will happen in Gordon White Park (1345 Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard) at that time, followed by a two-hour “community celebration.”

This housewarming party for the Beltline will “highlight local businesses on the trail and provide free health and wellness activities for attendees,” officials said.

The Westside Trail marks the first completed Beltline corridor since the shorter Eastside Trail debuted in late 2012, so these things don’t happen every day.

It’s been two years and 10 months since a gallery of city officials and Beltline boosters braved a November chill in Adair Park for the project’s ceremonial groundbreaking.

Dignitaries galore at the Westside Trail’s groundbreaking in November 2014.
Curbed Atlanta

The three-mile Westside Trail links Adair Park to Lena Avenue at Washington Park, with 14 different access points. Eleven of those are ADA accessible.

Along with sleek lighting and innumerable new plantings, the trail has a handy center line, designating left and right-hand lanes. It’s also quite hilly in places, unlike its flatter, crosstown cousin.

Westside Trail newbies might be wise to consult a map before visiting. A little bird says the path can be a tad tricky to follow near Gordon White Park.