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Spunky Edgewood cottage offers legit, non-tiny house for less than $300K

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Functional abode near Edgewood Retail District serves up three bedrooms—and a surprising bounty of other rooms

A blue cottage for sale in the Edgewood neighborhood of Atlanta.
Where adorableness meets functionality.
Keller Williams Realty Intown

Atlanta house-scouts on tight budgets who feared the sub-$300,000 ship had long ago sailed could be in for a pleasant surprise here in Edgewood.

Full of spunk (and three true bedrooms and two bathrooms, plus a den), this circa-1925 offering stands a few blocks from the Edgewood Retail District and Coan Park, maybe a mile east of the Beltline’s new leg through Reynoldstown and Cabbagetown.

Its asking price of $272,500 is described as an “amazing buy-in opportunity for Edgewood” in the listing, which also drops the questionable adjective “large” in reference to the overall home.

Another descriptor—“charming”—is applicable to much of the property, however, from the blue facade, to the hardwoods, built-ins, and airy, quirky kitchen, with its exposed beams and throwback cabinetry (at least in terms of color).

Naturally, the square footage appears to be a closely guarded secret, but this isn’t exactly a Tiny Home Nation situation.

Perks include the off-street parking and rare, flat yard with storage-friendly outbuildings.

The listing concludes with a warning-praise combo—”Home to be sold-as is but in great condition!”—and the promise of more photos depicting the full bounty of rooms coming soon.