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Formerly abandoned Vine City church, key in civil rights, could be National Historic Site

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The home church of Ralph David Abernathy, former West Hunter Street Baptist is currently being restored

A two-story stone church.
The stone church stands at MLK Jr. and James P. Brawley drives, across the street from the AUC.
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On Monday, the United States (and world) celebrated the legacy of Atlanta’s own Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his role in shaping the civil rights movement.

Now, the contributions of King’s contemporary and fellow Atlantan Ralph David Abernathy could soon receive appropriate recognition in Vine City.

According to 11Alive, plans are in the works to name the former West Hunter Street Baptist Church—where Abernathy preached between 1962 and 1972—a National Historic Site.

The church was a key rallying place during the civil rights movement, located in the heart of a thriving African-American community along what is now Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. It joins many other Civil Rights-linked locations around the Atlanta University Center.

Restoration of the building, abandoned for many decades, is underway. The Westside Future Fund hopes the building can be restored to its former glory and opened for visitors.