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Art-filled Old Fourth Ward Craftsman hopes to wow for record $1.2M

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Like location, noteworthy features on three floors make this house attractive, but price could be holding up sale

Three-story house with brick covered porches.
A somewhat subdued exterior belies a colorful interior.
Ansley Atlanta Real Estate

Built in 2001, this Craftsman-inspired Old Fourth Ward dwelling features no shortage of wow-worthy spaces. And those might be key in achieving the sales heights it seeks.

For example, the home theater on the third floor certainly rivals those found in Atlanta’s celebrity abodes—in size, if not style.

The gym also is impressive, especially for those who like a full view of themselves getting fit.

Although much more traditional in design, the library also is drool-worthy for bibliophiles or bookworms.

And, while probably not included in the sale, the ubiquitous artwork is equally awe-inspiring.

That being said, the four-bedroom, five-bathroom house also contains many aspects that come off as dated.

The kitchen, the living room, and even the master bathroom clearly scream for updates.

It’s a shame, too, that what appears to be a walkway or very small, narrow balcony on the rear of the house hasn’t been expanded over the driveway into a full deck.

Given the premiums Atlantans pay for off-street parking, though, the two-car garage and parking pad out front are valuable assets.

With 6,312 square feet, the overall space is humongous. And the house is in a choice location, maybe two blocks from Historic Fourth Ward Park, so one can’t help but wonder why it’s still on the market after more than 100 days.

Oh, right. Money.

The most obvious reason has to be the asking price of $1,249,000, which would be a record sales price for any Old Fourth Ward home, topping a $1 million deal in August.