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Dazzling renderings for Atlanta’s Westside Park at Bellwood Quarry revealed

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Behold the most detailed glimpses to date of what’s planned to be Atlanta’s largest greenspace.

A rendering shows multi-use trails snaking through a massive park with green plains and trees. At right, the massive Bellwood Quarry is full of water.
Westside’s potential marquee park.
Renderings: City of Atlanta

The first phase of what could be Atlanta’s biggest greenspace is aiming to wow.

That’s the takeaway from a batch of Westside Park at Bellwood Quarry renderings that offer the most detailed glimpses to date of what the transformative project (100 acres larger than Piedmont Park, eventually) will look like, right off the bat.

Phase one will include a striking gateway entrance at the intersection of Johnson Road and Grove Park Place on the north side of the park, designed to “provide lighting, signage, and visually appealing graphics,” per city officials.

Elsewhere among the $26.5-million initial phase, expect “a grand overlook area meant to maximize views of the quarry-turned-reservoir as well as panoramic views of the Atlanta skyline” and a system of fun-looking, snaky trails that will connect to under-construction Proctor Creek Greenway.

Plans call for the first phase to debut in 2019. The park will eventually count 280 acres.

“The future Westside Park at Bellwood Quarry will transform an historic property on the Westside and bring something incredible to the community and to all of Atlanta,” said former Mayor Kasim Reed in a release last week. “We are connecting more residents than ever to parks and greenspace. We are creating a healthy and sustainable city where everyone can bring and build their dreams.”