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The Curbed Cup ‘Neighborhood of the Year’ is West End! (Again)

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Three cheers for Atlanta’s first repeat tournament winner!

Riding high on #WestEndBestEnd pride and Beltline hoopla, West End has stormed up from 11th-seed positioning to become the first repeat Curbed Cup champion in Atlanta history.

So let’s give it up for 2017’s “Neighborhood of the Year,” as decided by more than 5,000 legitimate votes.

This year, The Finals was a nail-biter between southwestern Atlanta neighbors until cheat votes became obscenely lopsided (an A for effort to the Westview IP address that logged about 7,000 votes alone).

In the name of fairness, sneaky votes were removed, and West End emerged with more than 80 percent of those that remained.

But maybe the tournament was ultimately a win-win, as it’s quite a statement that both neighborhoods left standing at the end share a border, a fresh slice of Beltline, and the sort of scrappy, prideful, communal spirit that truly makes neighborhoods great.

Once again, it’s time to etch “West End” into the pantheon of past Curbed Cup Atlanta champions:

2017: West End

2016: East Atlanta

2015: West End

2014: Reynoldstown

2013: Kirkwood

2012: Old Fourth Ward

2011: Inman Park

And now, the glorious (fake) trophy is again all yours, West End. Congrats on a momentous year.

And thanks to all who participated.