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At Westside Provisions District, new apartments Broadstone Yards framed out

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Development will bring 251 rentals to the cusp of the railroad gulch running through the site

An industrial-themed apartment tower overlooking the tracks.
A rendering of the project from the railroad bridge at Westside Provisions.
Brock Hudgins

From the industrial foundations of the Westside, new apartments continue to sprout as the neighborhood barrels forward in full development mode.

The latest project to rise—christened Broadstone Yards—is beginning to take shape at the western edge of Westside Provisions District. Announced back in 2016, the multifamily development will tie into the existing mixed-use district via a “three-story catwalk.”

Designed by local firm Lord Aeck Sargent with Brock Hudgens, the two-building venture will bring 251 units to the neighborhood.

Renderings indicate the aesthetics will borrow from the metal industrial vibe of the warehouses that stood on the site before.

Brock Hudgins

Like basically all new apartments these days, the building will boast a rooftop deck with skyline views, “throwback games,” TVs, and a lounge space. A bonus, apparently, will be that future residents will also “delight in a view of the historic rail yards that echo the soul of the Westside.”

Elsewhere, expect a saltwater pool and sunbathing deck described as “expansive.” You can bet the experience will also be expensive.

With work on the structure of the building wrapping up, cladding and interior construction should be in full swing soon.

Progress, seen from 14th Street.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta
An industrial-themed apartment tower overlooking the tracks. Brock Hudgins