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On Eastside Trail, diagonal Beltline crosswalk is now live—and awesome

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Also: tips for navigating the Westside Trail’s tricky, unpaved kink

A photo of the intersection of DeKalb Avenue and Krog Street, where multidirectional crossing signals are now a thing.
The intersection of DeKalb Avenue and Krog Street, where multidirectional crossing signals are now a thing.
Photo by John Becker via Atlanta Beltline Inc.

The marriage of the Beltline’s Eastside Trail and Krog Street Tunnel might not be perfect at the moment (enhanced lighting in the tunnel, for instance, is on the way this year, officials promise).

But for thousands of people daily, at least getting in and out of the tunnel is now a bit easier.

As a safety measure at the junction of Krog Street and DeKalb Avenue, the Beltline installed a so-called pedestrian scramble that halts car traffic in every direction to let pedestrians and bicyclists pass.

Now, in what could be a first for Atlanta, the Beltline has activated a diagonal crosswalk that makes connecting from either corner to either side of the tunnel a breeze. (Dunwoody installed a similar concept in 2016; it was one of just two in the entire metro at the time, 11Alive reported).

But take heed, ye Beltline voyagers, officials say: “Please, for your safety, do not cross at this intersection until the scramble is triggered.”

Meanwhile, Out West

Since the Beltline’s Westside Trail debuted in September, we’ve heard from Atlantans who’d been thrown for a loop—ending up lost, even—when confronted with the trail’s on-street section that exits the former rail corridor.

Mercifully, Beltline officials have compiled an explainer to help navigate this section. (FYI: The trail only leaves the railroad corridor behind a half-mile of what’s called Warehouse Row because it’s too narrow, at least for now, to fit both a multipurpose trail and future transit, officials say).

Anyhow, for Westside Trail patrons heading south in West End, take the curve that leads up to White Street and Gordon White Park (where, coincidentally, you’ll find Lean Draft House). Cross the street.

From here, signs are pretty well marked to point you to the West End Trail eastbound. Head that way for a little more than a half-mile, passing by a colorful wall mural. Then things get tricky.

Where the Westside Trail passes Malaika Favorite’s “West End Remembers” mural. If this mural is on your left, prepare to turn left to follow the trail up and over this bridge.
Photos by John Becker, via Atlanta Beltline Inc.

After passing the mural, take a ramp on your left denoted by a silver Beltline sign (below). Head up the ramp to Lawton Street. A street bridge should be on your left.

This is key: Turn left and then follow the trail along Lawton Street, almost to its end.

Look left, and you’ll spot a ramp leading back down to the Westside Trail, which ferries you off toward Adair Park. Voila!

For Beltline patrons traveling north, do all of the above in reverse.